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Videoprotection, video surveillance, what’s the difference?

There is a distinction between video protection and video surveillance even though both terms refer to the same function: using video cameras to ensure the safety of goods, buildings and people.
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     Wireless access control

The ALWIN security supervision solution integrates the latest generation of reading heads (wireless, OSS…) and allows mixing technologies according to the security level of the site.
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Security: French confidence at half-mast

Security: the perception of insecurity is growing and the confidence index has never been so low.
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Vulnerabilities CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45046 et CVE-2021-4104

ALWIN is not concerned by the security flaws of the Log4j logging library edited by Apache, however we must draw your attention…
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What are the major developments in access control?

Access control has undergone a number of developments over the years, with more and more attention being paid to security.

The building industry and access control manufacturers

Access control manufacturers specialise in the design of software and hardware solutions to ensure the safety of the building and in this case the goods and people involved.

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ALCEA participates in the 27th ACSES conference

We wish you a happy new year 2022!

May it be marked by the success of all your professional and personal projects.


We are happy to have been able to meet you throughout the 3 days of the exhibition!

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Safety Newsletter – December 202 1

– Opening of the ALCEA ACADEMY
– Integration of new technologies
– Opening of the new customer service
– ALCEA 2021 retrospective

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Safety Newsletter – May 2021

– ALCEA integrates IDEMIA biometrics
– ISO certifications and Qualiopi qualification
– Safety and security: understanding the difference

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Safety Newsletter – January 2021

– ALCEA wishes you a wonderful year 2021.
– Transfer of skills with ALCEA ACADEMY.
– Back to Milestone webinar.


Safety Newsletter – December 2020

– Certification of our training courses.
– Webinar ALCEA & Milestone.
– New card
– Crisis management.


Safety Newsletter – October 2020

– New training programmes.
– Virtual tours of our showrooms.
– Our Round Management module.


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ACSES La Baule

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Road Show Nice

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