How to choose your access control integrator?

How to choose your integrator?

More than ever, the security integrator is the “strong link” between an end customer and a security solution manufacturer like ALCEA.

Indeed, the security installer has a central role in the project to secure a site.

His technical knowledge of the products offered on the market, his skills in the installation of security solutions and a good expertise in the problems of his clients’ sectors will all guarantee success.

What is a security integrator?

A security integrator is an advisor who listens to you and supports you throughout your personal and building security project.

From the drawing up of specifications to the implementation of the chosen solution, our role is to offer you the best security system on the market and to support you in its implementation.

What is the role of the security integrator?

  • Analyze: detect and understand the needs of its customers, taking into account the sectoral issues, in order to imagine the best architecture of the security offer to propose to the customer.
  • Advise: thanks to a perfect knowledge of the functional specificities of the manufacturers’ products, the security integrator will recommend and quote the most effective and appropriate personalised solution to his client to meet the various security challenges.
  • Deploy: He/she implements both hardware and software (programming, commissioning, networking) of the entire security architecture.
  • Support: The security integrator provides the necessary services for the proper integration and use of the deployed solution through training on the software or hardware.
  • Sustain and Maintain: it ensures preventive or corrective maintenance and allows new functionalities to be added, by choosing an evolving solution.

The security integrator will guarantee the sustainability of the solution over time.

What are the qualities of a good security integrator?

The qualities of a good integrator of access control and security solutions are:

  • Specialised: The safety integrator is an expert in the safety ecosystem and in the functional and technical analysis of your needs.
    • Committed: The security integrator offers you an efficient and scalable solution and is familiar with technological trends and market innovations, such as the biometrics recently integrated into the ALWIN system (see IDEMIA article)

To conclude, in the overall process of securing a site, you will have understood that the choice of its integrator, the privileged interlocutor who will follow all the stages of your project from A to Z, is crucial.

If your site is “sensitive” and requires a high level of security, you must be even more careful to ensure that the integrator you choose is trained and certified in accordance with the regulations in force, such as the ANSSI for example.

The integrator must guarantee that the security requirements recommended by the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems are maintained if the project concerned is qualified as sensitive.

Our training centre ALCEA ACADEMY, certified Qualiopi, offers training and certification for all integrators involved in the deployment of the ALWIN solution and wishing to engage in a complete certification process of their skills.

Why get your skills certified as a security integrator with ALCEA ACADEMY?

  • This certification thus makes it possible to acquire and benefit from a real added value on the implementation of a project under ALWIN.
  • This validation of competences, attributed in a nominative way, allows an integrator or a maintainer to ensure the level of competence of its technicians.
  • This approach allows ALCEA to certify the expertise of its integrators through the transfer of skills and to value them in the framework of its project support.

Every year, more than a hundred integrators and installers come to our new Qualiopi certified training centre for training.

As you can see, the choice of a security integrator is not a decision to be taken lightly, so be vigilant in your approach.

How to find a security integrator?

ALCEA offers you a large network of approved integrator partners throughout France for the development of your security projects.

To know more about the support ALCEA offers to its integrator partners:

Want to come and train in our new ALCEA ACADEMY training centre?

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