Security for companies
Transport and Logistics

Monitoring and securing means of transport

Transport security must take into account all the stakeholders involved: users, goods, freight areas, infrastructure, etc.

Monitoring and securing airports, ports, railway stations and storage areas stretching over tens of kilometres is proving to be a real challenge for security and safety managers.

Our equipment is designed to adapt to the different environmental and technical conditions of the area in which it will be deployed.

The personnel involved in the implementation and maintenance of our solution are used to working within the constraints of the sector.

Are you familiar with this issue? Our ALWIN software and our project engineers too!

What are the objectives of security in the transport and logistics sector?

Monitor your fleet and equipment

Good protection requires increased surveillance of the surroundings and the interior of the site:

  • Any breach of the perimeter protection is detected and located sufficiently in advance of any potential threat to avoid or control the intrusion.
  • Detection of phenomena that could endanger the monitored site (fires, leaks, breakdown of vital services etc.)
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STITCH compatible ALWIN access control

Issue your airport tickets via the STITCH platform and benefit from ALWIN for :

  • Centralized supervision of all sites.
  • The use of a single badge to move around the different zones.
  • Parking space management to ensure availability at all times and optimise waiting and search times.
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Protect your information

Should your connected physical security systems be free of IT vulnerabilities?

  • Our ALWIN access control equipment (ANSSI compliant) protects your information by encrypting all interactions between them.
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They trust us

For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.