Security for companies
State & Local Authority

Security of the public space

Security should be offered to all citizens visiting a public infrastructure.

The ALWIN software package brings its expertise to local authorities and state buildings by adapting to the level of security required and by offering simple and centralised management of the various sites in a public area.

Security objectives at state and local level

Centralize without limits all the sites of the city

City Hall, schools, gymnasiums, courts, technical centres… through its multi-site module, security management and surveillance is centralised for greater efficiency and flexibility.
With real-time alerts for access control, intrusion or video protection, administrators and security guards can anticipate and respond quickly.

The administration and management of access rights to a site or building is done centrally, and can be done by each division/building manager or jointly by different designated administrators.

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Reassure and dissuade thanks to video protection

The camera in a city is there to remove a doubt, to dissuade a malicious act, to anticipate an incident during a gathering of people, and finally to reassure the citizens and give them confidence.

ALWIN enables the interaction between video surveillance, access control and alarms.

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Manage and track key movements

For better management and security of shared resources (access keys, rooms, vehicles or equipment) it is possible to control them electronically: reservation, real-time traceability, search for a key holder, alert in case of non-return, etc.
Thanks to ALKEY’s electronic lockers, you can make your shared key rings more fluid and control them better.

The combined use of access control and key management makes it possible, for example, to easily manage access rights to the various resources of a gymnasium, such as equipment rooms, changing rooms, lockers, etc.

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For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.