Security of sensitive sites

ALWIN : ANSSI qualified security solution

Sensitive or SEVESO sites, operators of vital importance (OIV), essential services (OSE), require a high level of security to guarantee the maintenance of their activity.

As their services are essential to the survival of the nation, the consequences of an accident, espionage or sabotage would be catastrophic.

Experienced in ANSSI recommendations, our engineers are familiar with your issues and will present our ANSSI-certified ALWIN software.

Visa Securité ANSSI - Logo
Visa Securité ANSSI - Logo

What are the objectives of security in the sensitive sites sector?

Filter access to your sites

  • Define the access rights with the desired level of requirement
  • track and monitor traffic flows in real time
  • In addition to badge authorisation, link its validity to an important criterion such as vaccination, technical inspection etc.
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Triple intrusion surveillance: perimeter, peripheral, volumetric

Combine your access control with video surveillance and intrusion detection on the same interface to get the level of security your site requires.

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Compatibility with professional badges

In some sensitive locations, such as ports or airports, employees may use their work badges as an access control identification medium.

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They trust us

For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.