Security for companies

Preserve the industrial tool and know-how

Industrial sites need to be functional while protecting their employees, technical equipment and know-how.

Having been deployed in several industrial sites and responded to different problems, ALWIN brings you a solution of
optimal safety.

What are the objectives of safety in the industrial and pharmaceutical sector?

Security of research centres

Research centres, whether they are integrated into the company or located away from the head office, require secure access for reasons of confidentiality but also to control risks.

Multi-site management makes it easy to administer rights from a single server.

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Anticipate and plan for incidents

In the face of the diversity of risks and threats, anticipate crisis situations to reduce reaction time thanks to real-time alerts

  • Anti-passback management: people who have entered a room or area cannot leave it, and are therefore kept in that room, for security reasons
  • Unitary reaction: blocking of all badges on all readers, without exception
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Round management

The management and traceability of rounds completes the security of a site and its surroundings.

The agent’s progress during his rounds is monitored in real time via a rounds log, and alarm messages are triggered if the predefined time between two readers is exceeded.

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They trust us

For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.