Security for companies
Large Tertiary

Controlling the common and private spaces of a tertiary building

Many companies are located in multi-tenant buildings and require a comprehensive security solution that can control both common and private spaces simultaneously.

Our ALWIN solution manages the operation in multi-site and multi-tenant mode, perfectly adapting to the needs of the service sector.

The main objectives of security in the tertiary sector

Define access rights by zones or sites

Give the rights you want to the people of your choice, according to their authorisations.

Some profiles can thus access all the common areas of the building, while others will only have access to those of company A, being able to access only the floor of company A.

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Choose the design and security level

  • Use several technologies on the same building for different access and security levels (badge, biometrics, QR Code, bluetooth, wireless locks…)
  • Customise the design of the readers for a perfect integration in the architecture of the building
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Facilitate parking management by number plate reading

Streamline vehicle access to car parks with long-range readers or with the installation of number plate readers.

Counting module allowing to know in real time the number of remaining spaces in the car park.

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They trust us

For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.