Safety in health care facilities

Protecting visitors and carers

Safety in the hospital or nursing home sector is based on three main dimensions:

  • Human
  • Structural
  • Technical

ALWIN, our supervision solution composed of several business modules to be chosen according to your needs, allows you to ensure a 360° security:

  • protection of your infrastructures and technical management of buildings
  • safety for your care staff and residents
  • fluidity and traceability of all passages on your site

What are the objectives of security in the health sector?

Personnel management with health badges

Offer your staff the possibility of having only one badge to move around, through ALWIN’s compatibility with health badges (CPS: Carte Professionnelle de Santé).

Configurable in multi-site mode, this badge will be able to identify and authenticate people on any site, facilitating movement between different establishments and ensuring speed and responsiveness in the event of an emergency.

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Traceability of resources with ALKEY

Trace and secure electronically with ALKEY cabinets, each key exit, i.e.: keys to pharmaceutical reserves, IT and server rooms, company vehicles, storage areas for sensitive material, etc.

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Avoid breakdowns by being informed

Receive alarms in real time in the event of a malfunction of certain essential functions such as a loss of electrical power, a malfunction of the generator or the air conditioning thanks to the BMS (Building Management System) module

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