Security for companies
Distribution, Luxury & Retail

Efficient and discreet retail security

How do you provide consumers with a pleasant customer experience while ensuring perfect and discreet security?

Fighting against theft, aggression and damage to equipment is a real challenge… Our “project-study” teams will help you define your needs and propose the modules of our ALWIN software that best meet them.

What are the objectives of security in the retail sector?

Monitor an entire shop or shopping centre

  • View multiple zones from a single screen and receive all video, access control, intrusion and alarm information through dynamic graphics and a scalable video wall
  • Your decision making is accelerated in case of suspicion or malice, follow in real time the individuals of suspicious behaviour
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Combine video protection and access control

You can also use the solution of a video protection manufacturer on the same interface as our access control solution

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Pay attention to your circulation points: lifts, goods lifts, storerooms

Define access rights according to time slots, shops and profiles to ensure smooth and secure access to cloakrooms, storage areas and storerooms.

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Access to logistics

Define risk levels by zone and create user rights:

  • employees
  • transporters
  • clients
  • Or other
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They trust us

For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.