Security of cultural, educational and recreational sites

Growing in safety

Maintaining a safe environment in cultural, leisure and educational centres is a sensitive issue.

Since they must be both accessible to all and secure, the security solution implemented in these establishments must be as reliable and discreet as possible.

ALWIN offers universities, concert halls, exhibition centres, museums, etc. a complete range of modules to meet their ever-increasing safety and security requirements.

What are the objectives of security in the culture and leisure sector?

Ensure control of the site by ensuring the free movement of people

  • Protect works and people from any act of malfeasance, maintain the security of research areas (doctoral students, professors, etc.), improve the security of institutions (vigipirate, etc.)
  • Ensure the use of a single badge with the compatibility of our ALWIN solution with business cards and student cards with pre-defined access rights.
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Strengthen the protection of universities, libraries or dormitories

  • Monitor your universities and schools from a single interface
  • Be alerted in real time to act as soon as possible
  • Visualise all monitored areas on a dynamic image wall with a user-friendly and intuitive HMI
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Reassure and dissuade with video protection

The camera in places where there is a high concentration of people can anticipate an incident, create an alarm, dissuade any malicious act…

Visitors or users will be reassured and this will provide an extra measure of confidence and encourage them to return.

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They trust us

For security and privacy reasons, we choose to protect our customers’ information.