Alcea provides a full solution for electronic keys management: Alkey.

Alkey ensures secure access to various resources (keys, vehicles, lockers) provinding a full traceability of keys movements and controlling in live their use.

The Alkey solution consists of standalone key cabinets or network connected, controlled locally or remotely by a monitoring software and ensures the security of each key by an electronic lock key chain and reporting a full traceability.

Depending on user rights, only authorized keys are available. Each person needing a key can therefore take it on site, without human intervention, to take or bring back a key. The identification and the opening of the cabinet are made by simply reading the card, code entry or biometric.

The key booking allows each user to reserve the needed key from a secure web interface.

Why standalone?

In standalone mode, a touch and interactive screen, accompanies key cabinets and allows:

  • Set thecabinet
  • Set user rights
  • Check the history of events

Why Network?

With the network, an unlimited number of key cabinets can be centrally controlled in order to:

  • View in real-time availability and remote keys in each cabinet
  • Release the keys via remote network
  • Generate alarms n case of fault
  • Generate personalized reports personnalisés par heure, date, utilisateur, etc.
  • Book key in advance
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The +

Modularity : fitting the amount of keys to manage and desired security level, you choose the size of the cabinet (of 24-192 keyrings) and the opening’s of the control mode (cards, biometrics, codes)
An evolving setting
The ability to book by advance

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