The Alwin solution

The Alwin solution proposes an application for technical management of buildings managing several kind of equipments for one or more buildings with centralized or remote control.

Several modules composing this application

Equipments driving

To the application can drive from the same position the various equipments of one or more buildings: lighting, heating/air conditioning, safety equipment (gates, bollards, sounders).

Alarm Supervision

This module allows you to activate and monitor all your detection equipment remotely or centrally, in order to process alarm events (acknowledgment, deactivation).

The sending of information

All events can be send by SMS and/or Email to inform the Security Mananger or Security Employee as soon as possible in order to take immediate and adapted decisions.



The +

Centralization of data by one or more locations
supervision can process with the status informations and alarms.

Interface with different equipments

Cost optimization
switching on or off automatically the heating or lighting according to certain times and can achieve energy savings.

Graphical displays
a graphical interface allowing view of synoptic maps and switchboards.

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