A flexible and modular access application

By providing decision’s support tools, it prevents and manages events.


Alwin consists of a flexible and modular access management application tailored to the needs of everyone: multi-sites, multi-companies, multi-users.

This application includes various modules:

Profile Management

This module allows you to associate an identifier to a cardholder and assigns access rights. For this, a sheet “cardholder”, containing all personal informations relating to the bearer, is created in the software.

Multi-site Management

Alwin fits all needs in terms of access management, from simple to more elaborate, and sensitive areas of one or several buildings.

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Customizing cards

Alwin has a card customization module in ISO format. Through an intuitive and ergonomic interface, it can easily allow to create customized cards with pictures, logo, texts, and freely choose their location and color, size and style of characters.

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Visitor management

This module allows the desk employees to manage real-time arrivals and departures of visitors. Installed on one or more stations, it collects instantly all the information on the visitor, assigns appropriate access rights, and creates a customized access cards.

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Wireless Locks

Wireless locks can be installed.

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What is Aperio?

Aperio is a new technology that allows standard mechanical locks to be connected wirelessly to an access management system already deployed and instantly transmit each event to the system.

Car Park Management

The car park management module manages the access based on user rights and availability.
It can be linked to a display screen indicating “free”, “full” or the number of available parks.

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Car Plates Recognition System

The car plates recognition system  controls and sorts the access of vehicles based on their car plate. Each access to the car park is equipped with a special designed camera, day or night.

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Alwin integrates all identification technologies offered by major manufacturers on the market (HID, Stid, Indala).
The choice of technology to use depends on several criteria: safety remains the most important element but the ease and comfort of use are increasingly determinants.

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