The security solution of Alcea

Alwin is an open, modular and integrated software and hardware solution, to ensure the security and supervision of buildings. It manages all your applications for the protection of sites:



Easy to deploy, to set up and to use, Alwin is a supervision software that manages in an ergonomic and user-friendly way the buildings activities, whatever your business sector.
It is also very well suited sites needs.

Learn more about the supervision high sensitive sites.


Alwin integrates own security procedures for sensitive industrial sites subject to Seveso directives. It provides the decision support tools to prevent and manage major accidents.

The software offers tailored features especially to the management of Individual Intervention Plan (PPI) and the Organization Fire Plan (POI).

With the functionality “authorization management” of Alwin, it is possible to assign and prioritize the rights for each cardholder. Thus, when authorization expires, the rights can be automatically changed in the user profile. Alwin also automatically send alert messages when the expiration of a validity date approach.

Seveso sites require security rules to follow staff rest times. To assist in compliance with this procedure, Alwin generates statistics rest periods made by each population: permanent, contractors, temporary.

In case of incident, a graphic supervisor allows instantly locate triggered alarms. The application of security rules thus may be concentrated on the areas without disturbing the operation of the entire site.

In addition, access management, input and output, provides effective support to rescuers as it allows to know in real time the number of people present and their locations. The “automatic printing” allow prints very quickly the list of persons present in the area where the event occurred to ensure their evacuation..



How works Alwin?

Builded around the network Ethernet, this supervision software integrates all the applications. The management is thus simplified in particular with the possibility of driving a single or several applications.

The access to the data is controlled and secured.



Alwin’s advantages:

  • An integrated software, which lets you create links between different applications.
  • A modular software, which offers the possibility of integrating one or several modules, as needed.
  • An easy to use software, with a unique dynamic graphical interface that simplifies the task of operator’s through immediate display of all the equipped sites.
  • A software that adapts to all types of facilities (multi-sites, multi-buildings, multi-companies, multi-users)

  • An open software, created around a core open relational database system (RDBMS) that uses standard protocols (Modbus, OPC, webservices …), allowing compatibility of modules with a set of third-party solutions: directories, human resources, buildings management.
  • A scalable software, which follows the functional and technical evolutions of installed sites and complies to new needs by integrating additional modules to sustain the facilities.
  • An interoperable software, which allows communication with third party systems not necessarily speaking the same language.

What is an interoperable software?

The management of an intelligent building makes necessarily coexist different systems on the same site or group of sites. The challenge lies in the fact that different applications and equipment, often with different protocols, must be able to communicate with each other to ensure the overall supervision of the facilities.

To meet this need, the solution integrates Alwin standardized interfaces, allowing for the interconnection of different applications: access management, intrusion detection, CCTV, visitors management, electronic key management, technical management.

This involves sending understandable information to different applications but also to receive such information to trigger an event in its own system (alarm activation, setting up workflow, sending an sms, blocking an entity).

Alwin is a powerful software that permits you to improve your efficiency, particularly through the statistics module

What is the statistics module?

The statistical module Alwin combines simplicity and performance. It allows users to go further in their research and represents a real tool to help to manage the site.
The Alwin monitoring solution allows you to view all the events recorded in the logs. The operator can perform searches on one or more events and perform extractions. By combining information from several databases, it provides accurate and detailed reports that improve the daily management of the site.
The module is designed to automatically provide statistical tools to the different users of Alwin software services: general services, maintenance and security.

It could be:

  • A list of inactive badges over time or access the list of non-working hours for general services,
  • How many doors are left open too long for the Security Service,
  • Know the number of cuts or snags identified in an area, for maintenance service.

Alwin allows planning extractions to get regular reports on system data. These reports include detailed tables and graphs that allow the operator to have a global vision of the key points of its activity.

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