Security: French confidence at half-mast

The FIDUCIAL barometer of French people’s security carried out at the end of 2020 by Odoxa reveals a drop in French people’s confidence in the government’s ability to ensure their security, particularly with regard to terrorism.

Their perception of insecurity is growing and the confidence index studied since 2016 has never been as low as at the end of 2020, reaching 26%.

Everyday security

It is legitimate to want to feel safe at home, at work or in public places.

The French believe that insecurity is on the rise everywhere, with no less than 62% having been victims or witnesses of acts of delinquency. This situation leads some to to move to a safer neighbourhood or city. Others will be careful to ensure that the company they go to on a daily basis is sufficiently secure, both within the buildings and in the workplace environment. In fact, 60% of them say that they would be prepared to refuse a job because of a lack of safety in the surrounding area.

A strengthening of the means

Among the places in which the French feel very insecure, we find : Transport (62%), the public highway (56%), airports and train stations (48%) and shopping centres (39%).

The population surveyed would be in favour of a stronger law enforcement presence.

The fear of the French is perfectly legitimate. It must be taken into account, but above all, devices and solutions must be put in place to anticipate risks and to act effectively when necessary. Today, there are technologies that help both private and public institutions to enhance human security and foster a return to a climate of public trust.

Data from the 17th edition of the FIDUCIAL barometer:

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Security: French confidence at half-mast

Security: the perception of insecurity is growing and the confidence index has never been so low.