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Recognised for its quality and interoperability with today’s technologies, ALWIN supervision software is a reference in the security and access control market.

Choosing ALWIN is the assurance of working with a French manufacturer who supports the electronic security integrator in the deployment of the solution and develops its products with a perfect understanding of the business needs of end customers.


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Qualified and trained professionals

Being an electronic security installer cannot be improvised! Any good product is only effective if the same care is taken in its manufacture as in its installation and maintenance.

ALCEA, as a manufacturer, ensures a strong commitment to accompany integration professionals towards the expertise of its solution. The privileged relationship is based, among other things, on the importance of having trained personnel, a technical referent (the manufacturer’s privileged contact), proof of experience in implementing the solution and a support contract.

Opportunities to win projects together

ALCEA can thus propose, on a national and international level, SME type players with a strong involvement in the product, as well as Majors of the security market who have invested in the training of their personnel, to accompany the customers
in the deployment of the ALCEA solution.

It is also an opportunity for the brand to be supported by integrators who have a perfect command of the entire solution and who are able to make proposals for the new projects they take on.

In this case, ALCEA fulfils its role as a manufacturer by being as close as possible to the needs of these ALWIN approved integrators with the common aim of bringing satisfaction to the end customer.

Being accompanied

Throughout the life of the project, and then of the product itself, the ALCEA teams will take over to accompany each phase of progress in this virtuous cycle.


  • Advice, technical feasibility study, price offer according to the specifications
  • Support during the response and presentation phases of calls for tenders
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  • Project engineers and a support team who know the business requirements, provide expertise to your own team, while respecting the deadlines and expectations of the end customer
  • Functional analysis, detailed customised plans, implementation assistance or help with complex parameterisation
  • Training of deployment teams, managers or users


  • Software maintenance: support contract, technical hotline
  • System evolution: Upgrading, backwards compatibility, increasing the level of security

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