BIM objects in the Alwin solution

BIM is a digital representation, in the form of intelligent and structured 3D parametric virtual models of the physical and functional characteristics of a product.

This representation can be integrated into lhe overall model of a project, to ensure : good information sharing and execution of the work, throughout the life of the building.

As a manufacturer in the field of security, our controller cards, concentrators and controllers are products that are fully integrated in a building management system.

For this reason, we found it very interesting to model our products and associate the technical values used in BIM with them.

Objet BIM Alcea

Our BIM objects will allow design offices to assess the compatibility of the product with the project requirements. During the installation phase, our integrators will be able to ensure that all the cabling conditions and predispositions for our products are met. Maintenance will be facilitated by the information history carried in the project model.

For you, design offices, integrators, installers, we have modelled :

  • Our cards and boxes from the ALWIN range
  • Our electronic key cabinets from the ALKEY range
  • Our visitor reception desk Digit’AL

Application form

Ask us for access to the 3D files of the Alwin solution.