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Visitors terminal

A software solution for visitor management via an interactive terminal

Do you need to welcome visitors and want to make your reception more fluid?

The ALWIN visitor management software module allows you to reinforce your reception desk with our digit’AL terminal, which can also offer a 100% digital reception by replacing the reception desk or even act as an external reception desk.

offer your visitors a smooth reception

combine safety and modernity

digitalise your reception

lighten the flow of your reception desk

Record your visits via a web application or a work station

You can prepare in advance the arrival of your visitors and register them on our ALWIN software in 3 modes: reception of one person, reception of a group (from 2 people), reception of a large number of people in event operation.

Alcea - Terminal - block

The exchange of a secret code by email

In front of the terminal, your visitor enters his secret code that he has previously received by email.

Display of visit information on the terminal

Display of visit information on the terminal
The information recorded on the software by the visitor is displayed on the interactive screen of the kiosk: name and surname of the visitor and visited as well as the time of the visit. It is also possible to post safety instructions or your organisation’s internal rules.

Support on the terminal

A list of telephone numbers is available.

QR-Code badge collection

The visitor can then print out his or her QR code badge and give it the access rights that the visitor has already entered during registration.
For more information, please visit the Visitor Management page.

Validity of the QR-Code badge

The access rights of the badge, i.e. its period of validity and authorised accesses, are filled in beforehand by the visitor. When the QR-code badge is removed from the terminal, it is only activated when it reaches the time of its validity. Safety is always a priority, combined with ergonomics and modernity.

What are the features of the ALWIN visitor management system?

Indoor use

Used to support a reception desk

Outdoor use

Used as a first point of contact for pedestrians or vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.)

Terminal customization

in your company’s colours : logo, design, wallpaper


You can pre-register your visitors

Badge d'impression QR-Code

Your visitors pick up their QR-code badges directly from the kiosk and the visitor is automatically notified of their arrival

Badge customization

Information, photo, logo…

Validity of the QR-Code badge

The badge collected is valid from the time of the visit entered by the visitor and the resident can be automatically notified by email when the visitor arrives