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Visitor management software system

Which solution for managing your visitors?

Do you need to welcome visitors and want to secure, optimise and streamline your reception flow? The ALWIN visitor management module allows you to welcome your visitors at a physical office or give them autonomy on our Digit’AL visitor reception terminal.

your visitor reception organisation

and modernise your reception

your building from malicious damage

your visitors in complete safety

Recording your visits via a web application or a work station

You can prepare the arrival of your visitors in advance by registering them on our ALWIN software in 3 modes:

  • Individual mode : one person
  • reception of a group (from 2 persons)
  • Event mode : hosting an event with a large number of guests
visitor management

Control the access rights and profiles of your visitors

You can define the authorised areas according to the visit (place, date and duration), according to the visitor (give Mr Martin’s visitors the same rights as him, for example) or access authorised only by an accompanying person.

Automate the control and validation of your visitors

You can prevent intrusions and choose a workflow to set up validation scenarios. These scenarios will automatically be generated without regular intervention from you. You can decide, for example, that all visits recorded by the employee Mr. Martin undergo 2 verification steps.

Track and analyse your visitor data

Follow in real time the status of your reception, the list of visits with the necessary information is updated automatically at each arrival or departure. You can also track every badge action taken by a visitor to your company in real time.

Create and customize your visitor badges

You can dedicate and personalise badges (physical or dematerialised card, QR Code, Bluetooth etc) to your external visitors, to your organisation or simply from another site in your company. Upon delivery of the access pass, Mr Martin can be automatically notified by email of the arrival of his visitor.

Empower your visitors with the Digit'AL visitor reception desk

Empower your visitors with the Digit’AL visitor reception desk
As a back-up to the physical reception desk or in its absence, our Digit’AL reception desk makes your visitor flows more fluid. After registration and validation, Mr Martin’s visitor can collect his QR Code/Bar Code badge directly from the kiosk by entering the details of his visit and a secret code which he receives in advance by email.

What are the features of the ALWIN visitor management system?

Pre-recording in 2 modes

Via a web application, Mr Martin records his visits on a web page, or via a work station by entering or importing files

Reception in a group

In the case of 2 or more people, pre-registration is facilitated by memorising the first information entered

Event hosting

If a large number of people are to be welcomed, the visitor management module can be adapted for this purpose with a sign-in list

Visitor badges

The acquired badge base can be used for both residents and visitors


The workflow module allows you to create standard validation scenarios and automate them

Accompanying a visitor

A badge can be programmed with the function
A badge can be programmed with the function that allows you to validate and open access to another badge

Diversity of access titles

The ticket issued to the visitor can be in several formats: badge, printed and personalised ticket, dematerialised identifier (QR-Code or barcode)

Return of access cards

The badge rights are cancelled when the badge is returned or automatically.