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Camera-based video surveillance system CCTV

Which video protection software?

Do you need to monitor your site(s) from a centralized and ergonomic interface for your operators and security guards? Our solution offers you a video surveillance system that will enable you to ensure the safety of goods and people : ALWIN Vision.

videos in real time through a video wall

your cameras

Reread your video sequences

your images

Monitor multiple areas remotely

Video surveillance systems help you monitor areas of your site by camera and receive the feed in real time on a video wall. A video wall is a set of windows centralised on a single screen, allowing a security guard to monitor several areas simultaneously.

This evolution in video protection guarantees a reduction in charges and allows the agents to be versatile and to optimise their number of interventions. In this way, remote detection and response times in the event of an incident are reduced and the procedures to be followed are streamlined.

The ALWIN Vision system guarantees safety, efficiency and return on investment.

Video protection

A complete module

Various integrated equipment for a large choice panel (cameras, storage devices, encoders, etc.).

Intuitive & User-friendly

Video supervision can be carried out remotely, using dynamic graphics and a multi-screen video wall to view multiple areas simultaneously.

French origin

Our software module is designed in France and complies with French government standards. It can also be adapted to international regulations (Africa, Middle East, etc.)

Interactive with our other modules

You can combine the ALWIN Vision module with our other modules on our centralised supervision, access control and intrusion detection solution and benefit from a real interaction between the modules. An action performed in video surveillance will trigger an action in the form of a scenario. .

What are the features of the ALWIN video surveillance system?


Real-time viewing, recording and export of sequences or images

Control and monitor

Control and pre-positioning of cameras (dome or tourelle) and control of the video wall


Activation and deactivation of the camera sensor


Manual forcing of a camera recording


Triggering actions on the server 

Register : stop recording, launching the script, dynamic display of a camera


Video patrols, pre-programmed PLC processes, crisis mode scenarios, alarm or access events

Technical supervision

Video loss detection, camera tampering and view change


From access log, alarm log, notification log, camera call graphics

Video analysis

Intrusion into an area, line crossing, path deviation, missing objects, abandoned objects