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Supervision system and interoperability

The benefits of supervision

Do you need to ensure the safety of goods and people in your company while offering your operator an ergonomic and centralised operation ? Our ALWIN system offers you genuine interaction between its business modules, real-time information feedback, and simple and optimised consultation.

users of the ALWIN software package can work in multiple windows simultaneously.

the modules communicate with each other and with other third-party applications

Various logs are available to centralise all events, access logs, alarm logs, etc.

you can follow the status of the equipment of the different modules access control, video protection, key management or intrusion from an interactive graphic map of your site.

ALWIN Servers

The ALWIN system, inspired by SOA (Service Oriented Architectures), operates through an ALWIN application server and a database server.

The execution servers exchange within the same machine with the communication servers, authenticating and controlling the connections with our field equipment and third party equipment.


Database server

Dedicated to storing and managing data in a database. the data managed are linked to access control, i.e. access rights, profiles or access card identifiers (physical or dematerialised badges).


The ALWIN software package provides a configurator for setting up the servers via a HMI (Human Machine Interface), recording data in the data server and declaring the hardware and various protocols related to the communication servers.

One log per event type (access)

The logs are inspired by the ergonomic functioning of Excel, facilitating consultation via filters and advanced search criteria (periods, zones, etc.) for a precise result in a few clicks.

Some features of the ALWIN system ?

Task Scheduler

You can create and modify setup tasks from the operator station and schedule their release

Multiples modifications

The management and modification of a large database (access rights, etc.) is simplified

Alert management by email / SMS

As an administrator or user you are automatically notified of any sensitive event with an alarm feedback

SQL Query

Database queries (e.g. attendance counters)

Crisis management

You trigger scenarios during crisis situations, previously established according to your needs (8 crisis levels)

Round management

To optimise the work of your security guards at the PCS, you can program your patrol scenarios.

Server redundancy

Duplicate your information to ensure continuity of service and limit any loss of data in the event of a breakdown

Generic interfaces

XML, LDAP, SNMP Agent, Webservices, OPC et API REST


Wide choice of thick client, web client, TSE, Web-TS and Citrix connections


Implementation of single-server or multi-server Host / SubHost architectures