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Automate, door controllers
and board cabinets

Electronic equipment made in France

The communication between the door equipment such as the readers and the ALWIN interface as well as the server is done through electronic cards of our own design and assembly. Our controllers belong to the family of intelligent programmable controllers. They are the main intelligence of the Alwin system, allowing stand-alone operation in the event of an IP network outage. Native IP, etc…

Our automate boards are IP native: an Ethernet connection is directly embedded on the board and allows it to reach a high communication speed (100 Mbit/s) on the Ethernet network.

SA2 PLC range and L4F and MTE controller

The SA2 automate cards and its door controllers enable communication between door equipment such as readers and the ALWIN interface and the server.

  • Badge and event capacity: the memory can manage 20,000 badges locally, expandable to 100,000 badges, and can store 10,000 events.
  • Inputs and outputs: The controller has 16 balanced inputs and 8 digital outputs for centralising intrusion points with line monitoring or technical alarm points and for controlling the activation of sirens, motors or lighting, etc.
  • Door controller : L4F and MTE accompany the SA2 PLC in controlling the readers.
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SA3 and MTE2 range certified and qualified by ANSSI

The SA3 range with its MTE2 controller board meets the needs of projects requiring the latest developments in electronic and cyber security in accordance with ANSSI. These are also used with CSPN firmware in high security projects requiring an ANSSI qualified solution. SA3 CSPN et MTE2 CSPN certified and recommended by ANSSINationale Agency for Information Systems Security

  • Configuration and update from the ALWIN HMI : any implementation or configuration of the SA3 cards can be done directly from the ALWIN software interface, thus avoiding the intervention on each card individually.
  • End-to-end data encryption : all information exchanged between the various access control elements is now encrypted end-to-end using an algorithm that complies with the requirements of the RGS (Référentiel générale de sécurité), the CSPN version of which is ANSSI certified. Sensitive data is therefore protected against malicious intent. Sensitive data is therefore protected against malicious intent.
  • TPM hardware safe : (EAL 4 certified, the TPM safe secures the certificates and encryption keys transmitted by the server).
  • The MTE2 CSPN door controller accompanies the automate in controlling the readers, in compliance with ANSSI requirements.
  • Radius 802 1 X Authentication Standard SA3 supports the IEEE 802 1 X standard, providing authentication to network infrastructure devices regardless of the type of
    connection. This standard certifies that SA3 helps to limit the risks of logical intrusions and cyber crime.

CERT-FR, the governmental centre for monitoring, alerting and responding to computer attacks, regularly draws our attention to observed vulnerabilities. We communicate here, our information of vigilance even if our products are not impacted.

Range of extension cards

Expansion cards allow you to increase the number of inputs and outputs of automates. There are 2 ranges of expansion cards, each adapted to the range of automate.

Electronic cabinets

Our boards and automates are delivered in pre-wired boxes, in 3 sizes for the compositions you want :

  • mini model
  • small model
  • large model
  • or in drawer format for 19″ racks.

The cabinets are equipped with a 220VAC/12V or 220VAC/24V or 48VDC/12V power supply with a power management card and a battery charger management card.
The cabinet’s door can be removed for easy installation and maintenance, even in tight spaces.
It is also possible to secure access to the enclosure with an access control reader and a motorised lock.

What are the use cases of ALCEA electronic boards ?

Access control




ALKEY electronic key management


Intrusion detection


Technical management of buildings


Visitor management