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ALWIN Software Intrusion Alarm System

ALWIN intrusion detection

If you need to reinforce the security of your site’s perimeters, our ALWIN solution offers an intrusion detection module that provides real security, either natively or through interfaces with the most effective intrusion detection systems on the market.

upstream of the buildings, at the property line via physical or virtual fences.

on the building envelope: facades and openings, roofs, terraces, basements or certain sensitive premises.

inside the premises to detect any movement.

Detecting intrusions

Intruder alarms are part of security systems, deployed to detect intrusions and sound and/or visual alarms.

In professional environments, intrusion detection is often centralised on the same interface as access control systems in order to communicate and escalate alerts in interaction with other systems such as video protection, SSI etc…

The intrusion detection module of the ALWIN centralised supervision software will allow you to stay informed of any suspicious incident through real-time feedback of the triggering event, in pop-up notifications, flashing of the relevant icon on a dynamic interface, opening of the camera stream and feedback of the information in a log dedicated to intrusion alarms.

The interaction between the software elements reduces the reactivity time of the agents and accelerates the launching of the procedures to be followed.

intrusion detection

Graphic supervision
intrusion centrale

Stay informed in real time on the status of intrusion sensors, group status, monitoring status (on/off), group commands or control commands (relay outputs) by means of dynamic signage on a 2D graphic plan.

Alarm history logs

As an operator, you can consult the history of your group activation/deactivation and point ejection events whenever you want. You can also consult all the alarm feedbacks from the intrusion control unit.

Building management

Our ALWIN software allows you to control certain elements of your building, such as lighting, or to receive any information concerning the technical management of your building, such as fire alarms.

What are the features of an intrusion detection system?


Intrusion detector alarm states (4-state, masking)


alarm status of each intrusion group


monitoring status (group on/off, detector ejected)


status of control outputs (siren control, buzzers, flash, etc.)


control outputs


to stop the sirens


alarm reset function


switching on/off of intrusion groups


sensor ejection


changing user codesa