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Electronic key management: ALKEY cabinets

ALKEY, simplified access to shared resources!

ALCEA supports you in the electronic management of keys in your company with its ALKEY cabinets.

The management of resources shared between employees (vehicles, keys, lockers, etc.) requires an investment of time, effort and regular monitoring.

Each of your resources is now associated with one or more mechanical keys that are difficult to trace, right? ALKEY offers you the solution by associating each resource with an RFID tag keychain, all in a secure cabinet.

The advantages of the electronic key cabinet

access to your shared resources

the movement of your key rings

your employees, give them autonomy!

Key management procedure

An optimised key management cabinet user path for both the administrator and the user, in the allocation of access rights, removal, traceability and return of RFID keys.

key cabinet

How to organise your company's key management?

Are you the key manager for your company and are you looking for a reliable, secure and practical solution? Take control: define who has access to which key, how often and for how long.

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Test in augmented reality

Immediately integrate our product into your real-world environment for a realistic full-scale rendering.

Electronic key management: what are the features?

Full traceability

Each key, once removed from the locker, is assigned exclusively to one person


Identification by badge, code or biometrics


Illumination of green lights for authorised keychains


The functionality of the ALKEY key cabinet range can be extended with a key reservation licence


A system of alarms and alerts to circumvent any type of malicious intent


Voice assistance to accompany the user

Remote opening

Remote opening function for external parties


Autonomous access by the user to the information of the last keychain holder from the touch screen