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Access control system

Choosing an effective security and access control system

Do you need to filter and trace access to different areas of your building with security adapted to their sensitivities?

The ALWIN access control software module allows you to manage your flows and choose who can access which area, which door, which badge reader, when and how, ainsi, depuis votre interface ALWIN thus, from your ALWIN interface, you guarantee the safety of all your sites.

your sites and data against malware

secure and modern technologies

your time with one centralized software

and track your access events

Define profiles and access rights to protect your sites

You secure your site by identifying the type (or profile) of people destined to access a defined area (offices, car park, technical premises, common areas, etc.). This facilitates traceability and reduces the risk of malicious intent.

access control

Opt for flexibility with multi-technology access control

Your access control management is flexible with ALWIN. It can combine several reader technologies (physical or dematerialised badges, biometrics, etc.) within the same company, adapting them to the doors and sensitivity levels of each area.

Stay informed and consult the event log

You can analyse traffic flows by viewing any badge reading on a reader or action to access a controlled area. All this data is centralised in the event log and history.

Focus your attention on one comprehensive and centralized software

Use a single system to create, encode and personalise physical badges (card) or intangible badges (QR-CODE transmission, barcode), adapting to different types of access and users.

Easily upgrade your installations in number of badges and readers

If you are expanding your site or constructing new buildings, you can add new badges and new accesses to your ALWIN access control software module.

Rely on access control proven by the ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems)

As a sensitive site, SEVESO, OIV, OSE, you are looking for the highest level of security and protection.

Our ANSSI-certified SA3 CSPN and MTE2 CSPN concentrator encrypt your identification and communication data from end to end: from the reader to the server.

The cybersecurity of information and communication systems is more than ever at the heart of security concerns.
Our ALWIN system is constantly evolving to meet the requirements of high security sites.

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What are the features of the ALWIN access control system?

Creation and encoding

Writing identification data to a badge


Read data from badges and integrate them automatically in the software interface without having to type everything.


A periodicity of access can be programmed door by door


time slots based on days of the week, temporary rights from date to date, time zone management


Centralized access control for different remote sites, special day schedules for each site

Badge customization

You can customize your badges with your company logo and colours

Companion Badge

a badge can be programmed with the accompanying person to validate the passage of another badge

Anti passback

Avoid the same badge being reused by another person to enter the same area

Anti timeback

Defines a group of players that cannot be rebadged within a certain period of time

Lift prioritisation

ALWIN access control integrates the concept of floor groups for easier management of access rights