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ALWIN security monitoring solution

Protect your site with a centralised security monitoring solution

You need to invest in a secure solution that ensures the protection of property and people in a business environment. Our ALWIN system offers you a software package that centralises all the information from access control, video protection, management of shared resources, or even intrusion detection.

The ALWIN supervision solution meets all levels of safety requirements of public or private customers, for their tertiary, industrial, Vital Interest Organization, SEVESO buildings…

It is natively equipped with the following modules: access control, intrusion detection, video protection, visitor management and electronic key management.

in the form of commercially independent and merging modules, achieving a real interaction between them.

Our teams maintain and develop our solution for the sustainability of the installations and provide new functionalities via the updates carried out on all of our customers’ sites.

communicating with third-party applications that it securely integrates.

ALWIN modules for end-to-end security

Video protection

Reinforce the security of your site by equipping it with cameras whose video streams will be transmitted to the ALWIN software interface for real-time viewing, replay or recording.

System and interoperability

The modules of our system are individualised, you can manage one or more of them on the same interface. These modules will communicate with each other and with other third party applications.

Visitor management

The ALWIN visitor management software module allows you to welcome your visitors to a physical office or give them autonomy on our Digit’AL visitor reception terminal.

Intrusion detection & BMS

It protects your site from any violation of space at the perimeter, volume or periphery. The GTB allows you to control elements of your building such as lighting or receive fire alarms.

Access control

Protect a company’s assets and employees with secure and efficient management of access, visits and traceability of any user. ALWIN drives the latest generation of reading heads: biometrics, QR-Code, BLE…

Cards and Sets

The control of door equipment, such as readers, and their communication with the ALWIN interface is done through electronic cards of our own design.

Key cabinet ALKEY

Our key cabinets secure access to your shared resources such as your vehicle fleets, your products, your spaces, with identification and traceability.