What are the major developments in access control?

Access control has undergone a number of developments over the years, with more and more attention being paid to security.

ALCEA_access control technologies
The different ALCEA access control technologies

This development is intended to simplify management and assist administrators and security guards in their responsibility to monitor passages. Consequently, the need to identify these passages, to know “who is accessing which area” gave rise in the 1980s to the magnetic badge with a unique identifier.

This technology facilitated access management and soon replaced code readers, but it had limitations in data storage and increased wear and tear and maintenance costs due to contact with the reader head.

Although it has solved the problem of contact with the reader, this technology has inherited the limitation of low data storage.

Although it has solved the problem of contact with the reader, this technology has inherited the limitation of low data storage. In addition, as the identifier was non-reusable, the badge created for a single user could not be recycled.

The advent of the 13.56Mhz high-frequency smart card made it possible to increase the volume of data transferred and stored, to encrypt this data and to change the identifier without changing the badge.

Today, access control is marked by the attention that its actors dedicate to security and comfort.

In terms of security, the trend in recent years has been towards the protection of sensitive data recommended by the national agency for information security systems, ANSSI (https://www.ssi.gouv.fr/)

In terms of convenience, the demand for dematerialised badges via Bluetooth on the smartphone or biometric systems (fingerprints and facial recognition) is increasing.

ALCEA, with its flexibility, meets these needs for comfort and safety.

It offers to equip its customers with its ANSSI certified and qualified ALWIN high security solution with its SA3 CSPN concentrator card and MTE2 CSPN controller for proven data encryption.

It can also offer a response to requests for dematerialised Bluetooth badges for customers seeking convenience.

Watch out! Our experts tell us that Bluetooth technology does not fall within the ANSSI secure perimeter… Do not confuse comfort with security!

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