The building industry and access control manufacturers

Several stakeholders contribute to the construction, renovation or refurbishment of a building. Among these stakeholders, we find the manufacturers of access control systems in the finishing phase.

Access control manufacturers specialise in the design of software and hardware solutions to ensure the safety of the building and in this case the goods and people involved.

Working closely with design offices, end customers, installers, integrators and maintainers, manufacturers are at the heart of the issues of customer needs, feasibility, field implementation and maintenance.

You can rely on an access control manufacturer if you are looking for a security solution to identify and track people moving around your office. He can also advise you in terms of :

– Badge and reader technology.

– Levels of security sought and protection of confidential data

– Levels of security sought and protection of confidential data

– Communication with other interfaces and solution integration

– System maintenance

The players in the security and access control sector are closely following developments in the construction and public works sector. Today they are increasingly aware of the importance of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in a construction project and securing a building. ALCEA, among these players, has modelled all its electronic boards and boxes in BIM.

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