ALCEA - Our Values and Certifications

Our values

Commitment, technical skills and team spirit are the core values of ALCEA’s history.

To support its development and continue to promote its values while bringing a touch of modernity to its identity, ALCEA has changed its graphic charter in early 2021.

The two ‘visible’ aspects of this new visual identity are a new logo and this new baseline:

Let's design a safer world together

« A renewal of our image, like a new chapter to be written together. Alcea will meet the new economic, technological and societal challenges, remaining true to its original values and always maintaining a strong relationship with each of its customers.

Pascal LENGLART, ALCEA Founder

Alcea - Valeurs - block
visuel index égalité professionnelle

Average of the 2 assessable indicators on the 4*:

Difference in individual increases in equivalent number of employees: 35/35

Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest earners: 0/10

*not assessable: number of female employees receiving a raise following maternity leave and gender pay gap

**Average calculated for the year 2022

Integration of employees with disabilities

ALCEA promotes the integration of employees with disabilities and supports them by providing adapted work spaces.

It will reach 82% of its target in 2021 and will continue to promote the hiring of employees with disabilities.

ISO 9001 14001 45001

Quality: a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

For many years, Alcea has been committed to an ISO certification process and is continually investing in social and environmental responsibility.

It aims to be the guarantor of a true quality of service with its objectives of anticipating customer needs, maintaining the quality of services, while preserving the environment and the safety of all.

In an increasingly competitive economic environment, we are committed to providing added value to our customers by implementing a global Quality Safety Environment management policy with all the regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001

Putting the customer first:

  • Increasing satisfaction through the quality of our services
  • Listening and providing innovative responses to its needs
  • Basing our relationship on trust and the long term

Allocate strong human resources:

  • Develop the skills of our employees in relation to our market

Sustaining the business:

  • Strive for efficiency in all our processes
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ISO 14001

To control and reduce as much as possible our environmental impacts through continuous progress, partnership and innovation:

  • Improving the recovery of our waste
  • Controlling our energy and water consumption
  • Adopting a life cycle perspective on our products

Satisfying our compliance obligations
on our environmental aspects.

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ISO 45001

Promote a proactive approach to occupational health and safety risk management.

Make proposals to reduce dangerous situations, accidents and associated costs:

  • Consult and involve employees
  • Meet legal and other requirements relating to our occupational health and safety hazards and risks.
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